Oceanside Celebrates Valentine's in a Big, Big Way

A bike ride, tango demos, and more flowery fun times fill out the calendar.

A NUMBER OF HOLIDAYS... now extend, unofficially, over a number of days, even if the occasion itself falls on a single designated day of the year. Thanksgiving can feel like four days, or five, if you count the Wednesday before as a sort of festive Thanksgiving Eve, and the Christmas-to-New-Year's stretch has its own distinctly celebratory quality, one that possesses the charms of early winter, shopping sales, movies, special meals, and chances to be together. But one annual event that still seems to stick to a certain 24-hour period is Valentine's Day, which is very much, and unarguably, on the 14th day of February each year. Still, though, given that love is at the holiday's heart, and we don't use "heart" lightly there, as it is the time of year for hearts popping up everywhere, it seems like growing Valentine's, just a bit, is a sweet thing to do. Which is what Oceanside has been doing the last few years, as it celebrates...

VALENTINE'S WEEK: The party in 2018 kicks off on Thursday, Feb. 8, and includes a Family Bike Ride on the San Luis Rey River Bike Trail, an Argentine Tango Evening (that's at the Oceanside Museum of Art), and a wine-tasting cruise of the harbor with Oceanside Adventures. There are other outings, too, of a convivial nature, and, nope, they don't walk the "romantic dinner a deux" path (though those certainly can be found around the town). If you're a believer in the holiday, in the love it represents, and in nice occasions filling out more than 24 hours at a time, call upon the burg from Feb. 8 through 14, 2018. Best look at the schedule, though, before you go, to find the heartsy happening you want to join.

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