Not Homeless for the Holidays

Alpha Project shelter opens its doors

More than 1,000 of San Diego's homeless will be thankful for a bed to sleep in this holiday season.

The Alpha Project winter shelter on 15th Avenue and Island opened its doors early, just in time for Thanksgiving.  The Centre City Development Corporation was instrumental in preparing the site for an early opening.

Living on the street on and off for two years, Stacey Nessen was determined to get in to the shelter.

"Everything -- the people, the staff, the warmth, the caring --" is what keeps her coming back, she said.

Bob McElroy, Alpha Project President and CEO said they have 220 beds but will rotate more than 1,000 people in and out of the facility. He said this is temporary,

"Then we will start the process of moving these people into supportive housing, drug treatment and other programs," McElroy said.

But the Alpha Project is still working to raise more money for beds, meals, blankets, toiletries, and support services so they can remain open throughout the holidays.  There is a list of donations they are accepting on their Web site.  Visit Alpha for more information.

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