Nominees Predict Music Awards: Artist of the Year

Who better to predict the big winners of the 2019 SDMAs than the nominees themselves?

With the 2019 San Diego Music Awards right around the corner (the annual ceremony takes place at House of Blues on March 11), we decided to have a conversation with a few of this year's nominees about their predictions on the upcoming award show's biggest categories. After all, who better to make the call on possible winners than some of the very same folks who could possibly take home trophies this year? Now up for discussion: Artist of the Year (check out previous picks for Best New Artist, Best Live Performer, Song of the Year and Album of the Year).


  • Hot Snakes
  • Jason Mraz
  • P.O.D.
  • Redwoods Revue
  • Slightly Stoopid
  • The Frights
  • Whitney Shay

Larry Doran (whose band, Trouble in the Wind, is nominated for Best Country/Americana and Best Country/Americana Album): Redwoods Revue. A supremely talented group of individuals who have carved their own unique artistic groove in the community.

Parker Edison (whose group, the Parker Meridien, is nominated for Best Hip-Hop/Rap and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album): Redwoods Revue. They’ve had the most shows, radio rotation, record sales and show-draw of all contenders.

Shane Hall (nominated for Best Singer/Songwriter): Whitney Shay. This is tough but she has made so much progress this last year. She is blazing nationally and working her way to that next level. Achieving widespread acknowledgment and living up to it is a dazzling feat.

Jordan Krimston (whose band, Miss New Buddha, is up for Best New Artist): I have a hunch this will go to Jason Mraz, P.O.D. or Slightly Stoopid, but all of these acts have been killing it lately. Hot Snakes signing to Sub Pop Records, Frights touring and blowing up (and playing Coachella?!?), Redwoods Revue constantly putting out great releases and hosting amazing showcases, and Whitney Shay's new album making some serious waves felt 'round the globe. I think it's fair to say there were many artists of the year.

Veronica May (nominated for Best Pop Album): Jason Mraz. I am starting to get to know him a bit. I love his message and am a big supporter of that guy. Positivity!

Ramona Sage (whose band, Mittens, is nominated for Best Pop): Whitney Shay. Mittens shared a bill with her a few months ago at the Museum of Making Music. She blew me away with her incredible voice and passion with every word she sang.

SoundDiego's Pick: The Frights

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