Neiman Marcus Knockoffs

Cheaper alternatives to Christmas Book finds.


SHOW STOPPER: Few ladies will deny that the star of this year's Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is the Christian Louboutin Striped Platform Pump ($895). While a close second is the widely sold out Jessica Simpson Delsi Pump, you can still find the Fergie Blitz Heel in bronze-y kid suede and metallic leather at Torrid ($99).

STRIKE A CHORD: Martin Guitars are well known for their rich sound and lovely artistic detailing, which is why Neiman Marcus chose to feature the Metal Arts Martin Acoustic Guitar and Case in this year's catalog ($12,000). If your budget accommodates a slightly less pricey model, check out the Ibanez AEL20E Acoustic-Electric Guitar at Guitar Center ($350). The maple body helps to impart a clean, bright sound and it looks lovely with pearl inlays and four radiant finishes.

SHED SOME LIGHT: Though chandeliers are often seen as appropriate for only formal occasions, new materials and designs have turned them into everyday works of art like the Sustainable Design Art Chandelier ($12,000). To add some glitz to your home without taking out a second mortgage, try out the Decorative Fringe Chandelier at Target ($59).

PAVE THE WAY: Lots of the catalog's pages were decked out with chunky, jewel-studded bracelets and bangles like the one in the Lagos Collection Diamond Jewelry set ($2,995). Get the glam without selling your gams by picking up the Pave Hinge Bracelet at Express ($29.50).

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