Hodad’s Expanding

Hodad's is opening a new location

USC Photo/Gus Ruelas

Downtown will soon have a famous new resident, Hodad's Burgers. The iconic Ocean Beach eatery is opening a new restaurant at the corner of 10th Avenue and Broadway.

The new location was supposed to open in last year, according to Hodad's Manager Jeremy Diem, but the business is still waiting for the city to issue some building permits. He said they hope to open sometime soon.

"Let's just say July-ish, note the I-S-H," Diem said. "Or maybe Sept-ober."

Sept-ober is Diem's way of saying maybe sometime in September, but maybe October.

The new restaurant will be double the size of their Ocean Beach location. Housed in a historic 100-year-old building, Hodad's Downtown will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

"I think it will clean up the neighborhood a bit," Diem said. "The owner of Chee Chee's [bar] is pretty excited about the opening, and our staff is also pretty excited to be next to a bar."

Diem said that everbody he has talked to is happy Hodad will  be moving into the neighborhood.

"So many people have called or e-mailed me," Diem said.

The downtown location may be a little cramped for parking, but it is right on the way to the ballpark. Diem said there is a parking lot at least a half a block away in every direction.

They could have moved into a more trendy part of downtown, but Diem said that that is just not who they are.

“I mean we like pretty people, but we are not pretty, if you know what I mean,” Diem said.

The new location will have a VIP room for special guests. People in this elite group won't have to wait in line but will have priority seating, Diem said. The restaurant's OB location regularly has wait times of 60-90 minutes.

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