More Shoppers Using Coupons in Tight Economy

Coupons available in mailbox, newspapers and online

Catherine Black said more people are using coupons than ever before.  The publisher of Community Magazine in the San Diego area said her clients have seen a 30 to 50 percent increase in the redemption of coupons.  Black's magazine specializes in upscale restaurants and services but the same thing seems to be happening at shopping malls as well.

Major retailers from Macy's to CVS Pharmacy are offering coupon deals through newspaper fliers.  One shopper holding a Macy's bag said, "I actually look through my mail and look for the coupons.  I never did that before but now you kind of have to do that."

Another woman said, "Anyone who gives me a discount I try to clip 'em and use 'em."

Catherine Black said the increase in coupons use has just been in the last six months.  She also said not all coupons do as well as others.  Black said, "I get five times more response when there is a free offer.  Anything else like the 20 percent off or 10 dollars off just doesn't get people as excited."

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