Mom Accused of Stealing From Girl Scouts

Woman allegedly confessed to crime

A woman working as a volunteer bookkeeper is under arrest, accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the Girl Scouts of America.

The San Diego County Sheriff Department's financial crimes unit announced the arrest of Janet Daily, 36, of Ranch Santa Fe in connection with the case.

She is accused of embezzling more than $9,000.  The wife and mother of two young girls was a Girl Scouts volunteer for the past seven years, said Detective Bill Barrett. 

"She was in charge of accounts for 44 troops in the Solana Beach and Rancho Sante Fe areas,” he said.

Investigators said when Girl Scouts officials found out Daily and her family were moving out of state, they checked her accounts and discovered money was missing.  Detectives said they went to her home on Saturday. 

"She did have $1,000 cash in her wallet and she indicated she was leaving for Iowa the next day," Barrett said.  Investigators said Daily admitted to them that she had taken the money over the past year and a half because her family had been struggling financially. 

"They weren't able to keep up with the rent, her husband had lost his retirement and she just became desperate," said Barrett.  Investigators said the money apparently came from fundraisers like cookie sales. 

They also said Daily's family in Iowa paid the money back to the Girl Scouts, but she is still being charged with embezzlement and grand theft. 

Daily is out on $30,000.  Her arraignment is set for next Monday.

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