Miramonte Resort: Summer “Stay Free” Deal

Want a third night of desert unwinding? You could nab it, gratis, in Indian Wells.

WORTHY OF AN ODE: Nature is an endless source of wonder and amazement and inspiration and mind-widening experiences, but simply praising all of nature, as a whole, is sometimes not enough. We want specific moments and places to be enraptured by: The shore at sunrise, the mountains in autumn, the desert on a summer night. Summer evenings in an arid place, though, are quite unsung, compared to the other riches of the wilder planet, if only because we know the days are quite hot. But after sundown? The temp is ideal, the stars are looking spiffy, and one can linger outdoors, no wrap required. Lingering by a pool is the way to go, and saving a few -- or many -- bucks to do so is a total gas. Which is why all desert-night-loving SoCalers should look inland, to resortland, where interesting discounts have a way of flowering come the warmer days of June, July, and August. Miramonte Resort & Spa is one such getaway where this is now happening, for the summer of 2015, and the deal-saving, and the desert-night-good-time-having, is looking prime: The new Stay Free package "awards a complimentary third night and a $25 spa credit to guests booking a two-night stay" through Sept. 30, 2015.

SIGNATURE POOL UPDATES: The San Jacinto Mountains, which form the vista for the resort, aren't too new -- of course -- but fresh pool furniture and a "new state of the art sound system" are recent additions. There are cabanas, too, and a full menu, but if chillaxing and communing with the desert night is your bag, the Piedmont pool is described as the quieter choice (and it is for the grown-ups only). As for the spa credit? There are just-introduced treatments for summer, including an emollient Quench Massage. "Quench" anything sounds great in a drier climate. As for just soaking up the night? That can be done anywhere on the property, but preferably from a reclining position on a pool lounger. Summer, after all, isn't all about lots of heat in the desert; a full half of the day, when the sun bids goodbye, makes for ideal temps, ideal stargazing, ideal letting-the-city-go-ing.

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