Los Angeles: New Immersive App Launches

Are you "looking to optimize" your Southern California adventures? This could help.

THE LOVELY CITY OF LOS ANGELES, it doesn't need to be said, but it shall be said, is a colossal, ginormous, event-plentiful, restaurant-packed, everything-all-the-time kind of place. The size has scope, the number of options in every sector is positively prismatic, and alighting upon a single to-do, while on a short trip as a traveler or short outing as a local, can be choice-overwhelming. Discover Los Angeles, the Tourism & Convention Board, knows all of this is (wonderfully) true. With that in mind the organization set out to develop a "...sleekly designed" immersive app that was "...exclusively made for those looking to optimize their experience in the City of Angels." It just launched, at the end of May 2017, a timely entrance with summer's many LA-mazing pleasures on the fast-approaching horizon. Is the iOS app, which came about via important support from the LA County Arts Commission, for you? Well, if you plan a visit to Culver City or Venice or one of the dozens upon dozens of neighborhoods, districts, and pockets that fill LA, you should consider downloading...

THE FREE APP: How nifty is it? It's "(t)hematically synced to deliver personalized content based on weather, time and distance," so that is handy. Daily events get play, as do movie and TV locations. And if you need to spend the night, lodging is there for the perusing, and you can look by neighborhood. How'd this all come together? Metro assisted the app's development via a "transportation improvement project grant." Speaking of the rail system, ways to zip around by Metro, as well as bike and car, are also suggested in the Discover L.A. app. Need it for Android? Hang tight; that's coming up. Need to peer deeper into the marvelous megaregion, past its freeways, into its clubs and eateries, and all around its nice natural destinations, funky landmarks, and moving historical sites? This'll be a way-big, totally awesome start.

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