Local Schools Serving Food for Thought

San Diego Schools win Golden Carrot

A local school system’s lunch program has been recognized for excellence by a national organization.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine awarded a Golden Carrot -- and 500 clams -- to San Diego Unified School District nutrition services director Gary Petill this week.

"By offering plenty of fruits, vegetables and low-fat vegetarian meals, San Diego public schools' lunchrooms help students understand the link between what they eat and their health," said PCRM spokeswoman Kathryn Strong.

The district was singled out for, among other things, offering students daily vegetarian options, including veggie burgers, hummus and pita, and pasta with marinara sauce. Elementary schools all have salad bars stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, and SDUSD hopes to have them in every school by next year.

Sounds like a recipe for success.

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