Local Coaching Staff on the Defense

The San Diego Unified School District has suspended three coaches at San Diego High School.

Boy's basketball Coach Kenny Roy and his two assistant coaches were put on paid administrative leave on Friday.  District officials suspended the coaches after questions surrounding three players were brought to light to the California Interscholastic Federation(CIF).

District officials said two of the players transferred to San Diego High from out of state, and one from Riverside County.

CIF officials began looking into allegations of recruiting in 2008.  In December, School District Officials also began looking into the allegations.

"Playing by the rules is fundamental to students playing sports at our schools and it is fundamental to the adults who supervise interscholastic athletics,"Superintendent Terry Grier said.  "I believed that it was necessary to take this action today to protect the integrity of our athletic program and to reinforce our commitment to education as the first priority of our schools." 

But Coach Roy said he never recruited the players and neither did his staff. 

"I don't make the choice for kids coming here, that's between the kid and the parent.  So, if they want to come to San Diego High, I had nothing to do with it,"said Roy. 

But some parents aren't so sure. 

"We shouldn't be bringing in kids from out of state to play here in San Diego," said Serra High School Parent Fred Kirkwood.  "I find it hard to believe that the coach had nothing to do with them wanting to come to San Diego." 

District officials said they would also look at all other athletic programs within the district to make sure no rules have been broken.

Coach Roy said when the investigations are over, he and his staff will be vindicated. 

"When all is said and done I am going to want a full apology because Coach Roy has never recruited at San Diego High, ever," he said.

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