It's the ISS, Not a UFO

The International Space Station has been up there, orbiting the earth for 11 years and next week, you have the opportunity to watch it as it floats over San Diego County

In all, you'll have four chances to see it but the best dates are Wednesday and again on Friday.

Experts say it will appear out of the northwest and disappear three minutes later over the eastern horizon.  The ISS, as it's known, will be extremely bright these two nights, brighter than the brightest star (Sirius - the "dog star"), thanks to the relative positions of the Station, Earth and Sun.  Because it travels so fast a telescope probably won't work.  Instead, use a good pair of binoculars or just the naked eye.

Unfortunately, we're expecting a lot of clouds this week so, if you can, a trip to the mountains or deserts would provide the best chance of seeing the station. 

Our viewing window takes place between 7:31 PM and 8:40 PM.  For more information and to get some tips about viewing, click here and navigate around the NASA website.

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