Indian Wells Getaway: Sunshine on Sale

Yep, it's warm, very, very warm, but that makes for primo pool time at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa.

MEASURING SUNSHINE... doesn't just exist in the minds of sci-fi writers and artists who like to think about light in poetic terms. It can be done, at least in terms of calculating the kilowatt output of a solar panel or how much daylight we have over the course of any given day (just to name a few different regularly employed yardsticks). But how do you measure the quality and intensity of sunshine on vacation? That's a bit trickier, and more subjective, but pretty much anyone would vow that sunlight on a January day in snow country is rather more filtered than sunshine savored poolside in June in the desert. If the second version is more to your liking, and you adore short bouts of beautiful, lemony sunbeam-strong goodness (while wearing your SPF lotion and sunhat, of course), best make for Indian Wells and the new...

SUNSHINE ON SALE... package at Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa. Okay, yes, the sunshine is the free part — it is always free, no admission required, to do a little basking wherever you are — but the deal comes from snagging a third night after you pay for two. There's the recently introduced DesertPipe (a go-fast water slide) and seven pools to linger by, on the soak-up-the-rays front. On the how-much-is-it front? Nightly rates are starting at a hundred bucks. For all the details, don your swimsuit and slide over here, lovers of summertime heat created by our planet's nearest star. 

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