In Shootings, SD Cops Lead

In the last year, the San Diego Police Department has had six times as many shootings as its counterpart in San Francisco and four times as many shootings as the Orange County Sheriff's Department, according to a published report.

The story in the Bakersfield Californian examines how police departments in California investigate shootings by their officers.

According to Will Carless at, "the main thrust of the story is that the local law enforcement agencies in Bakersfield investigate their own shootings, instead of the investigations being carried out by another agency, as is the norm for most agencies in California, including the San Diego Police Department, whose shootings are investigated by the District Attorney's Office."

One thing you may find interesting, as Carless did, is the list of shootings that occurred in several jurisdictions between Oct. 1, 2007 and Oct. 1, 2008. San Diego leads the field.

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