I'm Ron Donoho, Damn It

Longtime voice of "San Diego Magazine" promises to amuse, abuse city

This will serve as my brief introduction to NBCSanDiego.com and its … um … viewers? … readers? … visitors? What in the world do we call you New Age gawkers?

Regardless, I'm being given an online soapbox from which to chronicle San Diego. A dozen years served at tree-killing "San Diego Magazine" has primed me for the task of online observer.

My head is spinning and my heart is racing. Did I take my Prilosec OTC this morning? I did. So I'm going to blame my condition on the economy and the moving facade of media. One minute -- if you’re me -- you're sitting in the office of a 60-year-old hard-copy magazine, then, suddenly, half the ads have dropped out of it (yes, even the plastic-surgery ones). The next minute -- if you're me -- you’re turning in your old door key, cleaning out your office and turning the page to a new chapter in journalism.

Smarter observers than me have offered these relevant musings:

  • Newspapers are dying (picture Debra Winger at the end of "Terms of Endearment")
  • Magazines are sick (Robin Wright Penn halfway through "Forrest Gump")
  • Web sites are curiously gaining traction (Brad Pitt in the middle third of "Benjamin Button")  

I'm excited to join the NBCSanDiego.com team. I’m going to start drinking Red Bull out of an Al Roker mug (I don’t drink coffee).

Look for me around town. Send me notes about political malfeasance. Invite me to Ivy Hotel rooftop parties. Pray for the Padres with me. Bake me a nice marble rye. No, but seriously, the rooftop parties …

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