Karma's ‘Talk a Lot' Speaks for Itself

The lead single from Karma's new album is a smooth, polished outing

"If it ain't about no money why you talking loud, I don't even know what they talk 'bout, we don't do no talking that's just not allowed," spits veteran Oceanside rapper Karma on the opening hook from his latest, "Talk a Lot."

It's the lead single from his new album "Book of Karma," an easy rolling clip made from melodic sketches and flute-driven thump courtesy of producer Delano Sounds.

Through an auto-tuned mid-range, Karma flexes cool, avoiding jaw-jacking and gossip. It's a relatable tune, catchy too, and with the instant appeal pop songs often have -- it feels familiar after the first listen.

Via a processed croon, an approach that Karma himself needed some adjusting to, he carves out a sweet spot: "I ha[d] never been in[to] auto-tune. Kinda despised it for a while until I tried it. Then, I was like, 'Well damn, I kinda sound ok.'"

And he does, since "Talk a Lot" not only serves to put distance between himself and idle rambling, but it also allows him to show off just how far his vocal abilities reach.

His talents don't end there either, as late in the second verse, he adds an interesting layer -- a moment of self-awareness sitting just beneath the radio ready surface.

"I feed the family, it ain't just me, moving in Babylon through these wicked streets, third eye wide open still I barely see, I can feel the darkness, it's surrounding me."

Indeed, with his dynamic chops and a bit of personal reflection, there isn't much more to say, as "Talk a Lot" is a smooth, polished outing that speaks for itself.

J. Smith, aka 10-19, is a San Diego native, rap fan and San Diego Music Award-winning musician. You can follow him on Instagram at 10-19_the_numberman or on Twitter


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