High Elevation Yum: Taste of Julian

Want to know the quaint town's eats beyond apple pie? Head on up.

Taste of Julian

COUNT THE NUMBER: We're curious about a question we may never get a satisfactory answer to, but we'll ask it. How many times do you think the word "pie" is spoken on the 79, from the time a car leaves the 8 and to the time that car arrives in Julian? Five times? A dozen? We'll lean toward the higher number, because practically every group of daytrippers heading into the Old West burg for a Saturday of strolling has a slice of something gooey and apple-filled on their minds. And they get it, with a frosty glass of milk or a wedge of cheddar cheese or straight-up neat. But do these daytrippers stay for more meals beyond those baked in a shallow pan? For sure, they do, given the fact that the historic spot has a number of sandwich-nice, entree-solid eateries. Dig both? Taste of Julian will celebrate the savory destinations of the town, and the pie places, too, on for Saturday, April 12.

"15+ RESTAURANTS": Over a dozen dine-out places are participating, meaning you can nosh on barbecue goodness at the Smokehouse to bites from the Julian Grille as well as offerings from local beermakers and wineries. And, fret not: A whole bevy of pie shops are the list, which is good and right and true. After all, what's a walk through Julian without a pie shop visit or two? Yes, it's pie-less, true, but it also means that one has not fully embraced the edible icon of the town. 

TASTE OF JULIAN... tickets are available now. Cost? Twenty bucks ahead of time, twenty five on April 12. And, truly, consider the date: The town'll be in perfect spring gorgeousness. If you only ever know it in autumn, when Julian bustles, why not see it in the spring? See it over a plate full of perfect pie, of course.

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