Guilt-free Burgers and Mexican Food

“Fast”, “healthy”, and “delicious” are words that are rarely in the same sentence when it comes to food. But what if you could have it all?

A couple of places in San Diego swear they know the secret. Nature’s Express Healthier Fast Food on 5th and Quince offers guilt-free burgers, fries and milkshakes.

Sorry, there is a catch—well, sort of. The healthy fast food restaurant ain’t called “Nature’s Express” for nothing. All of the drive-thru/sit down restaurant’s menu items are organic and animal product-free. In other words, they’re vegan.

For the guys and gals who didn’t click away after reading that last sentence, you have just allowed yourself to be open to the idea that has so many other San Diegans raving.

When you pull up to the Drive Thru Menu, there wont be a disclaimer about what you’re about to eat. And who knows? Maybe you would not even notice when you took a bite into the juicy “burger” layered with tomato, onion, lettuce, and smothered with homemade ketchup, mustard and veganaise. Cheese is available too, if you so desire. Slurp it all down with a delicious vegan shake available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

For those who are curious to try other vegan options but aren’t feeling like fast food, Nature’s Express isn’t the only delicious vegan option in town.

Head back toward downtown and stop off at the corner of 10th and E Street where you will see the Mecca of San Diego indie food culture. “Pokéz”, a Mexican restaurant with vegetarian and vegan options, may be a better choice if you are going out with friends who are wary of consuming vegan foods. Scoot into one of the booths in the back and admire all the punk-inspired art and listen to David Bowie croon while you nosh on chips and salsa. Don’t let the tattooed and pierced waiters and regulars scare you off—because they’re part of the atmosphere, too.

There are a variety of options on Pokéz menu, but one part of the menu cannot be ignored. The burritos, available with or without animal products, are heavenly and mostly guilt-free. Don’t miss the tofu or potato burrito with the ranchero sauce. It will only set you back about five or six bucks!

So vegetarians, vegans and even the curious ones, have fun trying out San Diego’s plethora of palate-pleasing foods that are healthy too. Bon Appétit!

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