Great Flood of '08

Heavy rainfall is causing the San Diego River to rise and flood nearby streets and is particularly plaguing the Fashion Valley Mall

Members of the San Diego Lifeguards River Rescue Team closed off several roads Monday, including Fashion Valley Road, Avenida Del Rio and Camino Del La Reina.  On Camino Del La Reina, some drivers tried to drive through the 2.5-foot deep water; some made it, but others weren't so lucky. 

"It looked like I was going to make it, but it went dead,"Josie Noriega said. 

Noriega said she didn't see the barricades on Camino Del La Reina and got stuck in the rising water. Two other drivers were also unable to get through and helped Noriega push her car about 30 feet onto higher ground.  River Rescue member John Greenhalgh said drivers need to obey warning signs and barricades. 

"Don't drive through a flooded road -- there's always another way to get around," Greenhalgh said. "In fact, we don't drive through flooded roads. It's real simple."

Lifeguards rescued at least four people from flooded roads and rivers.

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