George Chamberlin

George Chamberlin, Money Matters Host

It's hard to imagine any other reporter who spends more time talking and writing about dollars and cents issues than George Chamberlin. Of course, his duties as Money Advisor for NBC 7 News allow people to start their day with the latest financial news. He provides constant updates during the NBC 7 News Today program between 5 and 7 a.m. He follows that with reports during the Today Show.

But that's just a part of his work. George also is the Business Editor and host of "Money in the Morning" on KOGO Radio in San Diego. He writes two columns each week for the North County Times and a weekly financial commentary for the San Diego Daily Transcript. Add to that a national educational newsletter, Investing for Rookies.

Not bad for a guy that fell in love with radio back in the 1960s and started out as a disc jockey. His first broadcasting job was working the graveyard shift at a Palm Springs radio station. However, it didn't take long for George to work his way to San Diego, home to his family for 30 years.

Most people assume that since George reports on the financial markets that he must also be a stockbroker or planner. Not the case. At least not anymore. George was a vice president with two major Wall Street firms for 15 years but he gave that up to return to his first love, broadcasting.

"When people ask me if I'm a stockbroker I tell them no, I'm in a recovery program. I take it one day at a time."

Even so, George is constantly stopped on the street and asked for financial advice. "I don't mind talking with people who recognize me from NBC 7. I just wish they'd wait until I was off the treadmill at the gym." The fact that George is the only business report on television in San Diego that is not part of the financial services industry adds greatly to his credibility. "People appreciate information and advice that comes with no strings attached," says George.

George has also developed a reputation around San Diego County as a popular speaker and master of ceremonies. He averages about ten talks a month to civic groups and business organization. And, both George and his wife, Terry, are active in their community. They have both served as president of the San Marcos Boys and Girls Club and several other organizations.

Their son, Tom, is a graduate of SDSU and works in the technology industry. Daughter Sara recently graduated from Cal State San Marcos and, along with her mother, is the proud owner of the Solana Beach Coffee Company. George has received many awards for his work in the community, but is proudest of twice being the recipient of the Media Advocate of the Year award from the Small Business Administration.

One final point, remember when you watch George's money reports in the morning that he is not responsible for any drop in the stock market. "However, if you want to give me credit for any of the gains, I'll gladly take it."
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