Through 660 Minutes of Football, Chiefs Defense Has Mustered Just Six Sacks

Ryan Wilson

by Ryan Wilson

Through 12 weeks of horrific football, I think it's well established that the Chiefs aren't very good. There have been bright spots, however. Like beating the Broncos, Tony Gonzalez's touchdown record, and Tyler Thigpen. Beyond that, though, there really isn't much to get excited about.

Of all the things that need fixing -- and the list is extensive -- the complete absence of a pass rush is pretty high up there. The indispensable Joe Posnanski writes about the utter ineptitude, and it's pretty harrowing, even for a club currently staring at 1-10.

There's a reason for this, a good reason, and it is simply this: The Chiefs have the worst pass rush in the history of professional football. I am not saying this to be flip, and I don't mean this in the exaggerated way that you might say, "This is the worst traffic jam I've ever seen," every Monday when taking I-35 North. No, these Chiefs are quantifiably the worst pass-rushing team ever. They have six sacks this year. That's six sacks. The whole team. The whole year. Six sacks.

Yep, 660 minutes of football and a whopping six sacks. For some perspective, During Week 3, the Eagles sacked Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger nine times, and five came in the second quarter.

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