Things Have Gotten So Bad in Detroit, People Are Apparently Saying They ‘Need an Enema'

Will Brinson

by Will Brinson

First of all, I'm not sure what's more disgusting: having to discuss an enema or having to watch the Detroit Lions while eating Thanksgiving lunch. (I'm neither here nor there on whether the nation should be forced to watch them -- sure it stinks but eventually the publicity got Matt Millen run out, and just think of those games of yore that featured Barry Sanders on Turkey Day, not the modern exploits of Daunte Culpepper.)

But I do know that if we're talking about giving something or someone an enema, things are not going well. And if, for any reason, you don't know what an enema is, let's just say it's a most unpleasant method of "cleaning the system". You don't want one. But the Lions, according to one of Florio's sources, need one.

In the wake of the worst Thanksgiving Day loss in franchise history, a management-side league source who had an opportunity to study the Lions for the first time tells us, quite simply, that the Lions "need an enema."

"They are as bad as advertised," the source said.

And as my uncle said, "No wonder the auto-industry is failing; these Ford guys let Millen hang around for years." And yes, he's right. And so is this source -- the Lions need to be flushed, provided they pull Calvin Johnson aside first. But it's a tough process and it's one that takes a deep seeded commitment to a legitimate plan. But the sooner they flush the losing trash, the better off the entire culture will be in the long run, even if it does take a few years to actually happen.

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