NFL Moves Quickly to Make Sure Gamblers Don't Get Screwed by Shoddy Officiating

I'm guessing NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira had a busy day at the office, what with how the Chargers-Steelers game ended, not to mention the legions of degenerate gamblers who got screwed out of their well-earned payday. And by "well-earned," I mean "lucky as hell."

In any case, Pereira is moving quickly to make sure the league avoids such mistakes in the future. No idea if that means making Scott Green redundant, but it's a start:

"It's safe to say it's already in the process of being reviewed," Pereira said today "If we let the replay guy say, 'Hey, wait a minute, they're talking about the wrong pass ..., then we can correct an egregious mistake like that. I think that's something the Rules Committee [i.e. Competition Committee] has to look at, and look at soon, how we administer the replay. ...

Pereira, who said he had an amiable discussion with Steelers chairman Dan Rooney this morning, added that he spoke with Green both Sunday night and this morning.

I wonder if Rooney asked Pereira how Pittsburgh could be penalized 13 times while San Diego drew just two flags. This morning, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette wrote that "Rooney left his box after a Willie Parker touchdown run was nullified by a holding penalty, and spoke with the league observer in the pressbox." Given how the final 11 seconds played out, it didn't appear to help.

Pereira also said he talked to Green last night and this morning but didn't say if the officials have been or would be penalized. "It's the normal process of how we review the game. Certainly, it's a mistake that has been made. He and the crew will be held accountable for that. It's the normal routine we go through to hold them responsible for mistakes like this."

As the Post-Gazette's Chuck Finder points out, Ed Hochuli would receive a poor evaluation for his early-season gaffe that gifted the Broncos a win over the Chargers. So, basically, it sounds like Green can expect a verbal and written reprimand, and it'll go on his permanent record. Which could jeopardize his chances of getting into an Ivy League school.

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