Joey Porter Defends Plaxico Burress, Athletes Who Carry Guns

Ryan Wilson

by Ryan Wilson

Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter comes off as a smack-talking buffoon, but it's all an act. He's sort of like Tony Kornheiser in that respect; he plays dumb for the crowd, but the reality is that he's a pretty sharp dude. So with that in mind, I was interested in his comments on the whole "Plax blew a hole in his own leg?!" fiasco that has since earned the Giants wideout a suspension for the rest of the NFL season and, if New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gets his way, a three-plus-year stint in the slammer for, well, shooting himself in the thigh without a permit.

Porter admits that he considers Burress "a brother" (they played together in Pittsburgh) and takes it "real personal how he's being treated."

"Everybody has their mistakes, but that's exactly what they are ... Until you've been in that situation, when you've been robbed at gunpoint or you've had a gun waved in your face or had your house broken into before or been carjacked, you really don't know what it's like."

Or been shot in the butt while fleeing a night club.

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