Browns GM Phil Savage Would Like You to Root for F*&@#*g Buffalo

Shane Bacon

by Shane Bacon

I think it is worth noting that none of this is really confirmed, so for all we know the next few paragraphs you are about to read could have been sent by the cast of "Veggie Tales".

But apparently, the boys over at Deadspin got an e-mail yesterday from a Browns fan that seems to have forgotten his meds and typed up an "angry" e-mail to general manager and "Quail Man" impersonator Phil Savage. The e-mail, while extremely deep and well thought out, didn't seem all that bad. Trust me on this.

You are easily the worst GM in the NFL. Chud, Crennel and Tucker should
NOT have jobs. How the hell do you play prevent defense the entire
game? How do you NOT use Jerome Harrison more? Why the hell would you
throw the ball with 6 minutes left? This is officially a regime that is
worse than Butch Davis'. By the way, just like last week - this email
was written while the Browns still had the lead.

Supposedly, (and it is worth noting there has been no confirmation on this from anyone) Savage sent back a short response with a littttttle bit of an F-bomb.

From: Savage, Phil
Subject: Re: Browns
To: xxxxxxx

Go root for Buffalo-f#@* you-

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