Broncos-Chargers ‘Mediocrity Bowl' Flexed to NBC's Sunday Night Football

One NFL playoff scenario is pretty simple: whomever wins the Broncos-Chargers game next week will be in the playoffs.

The AFC West Championship game will be televised for all to see. NBC picked the Broncos-Chargers tilt as their flex game for next Sunday night. Call it what you want: Mediocrity Bowl. The Hochuli Rematch. The AFC Weak. The game will matter.

Earlier today, I took a look at the games that had the best shot at winning the coveted time slot. I believed that the Broncos-Chargers game was the frontrunner, provided that the Chargers finish off the Buccaneers and the Broncos choke at home to the Bills. Both happened, so here we go.

While the stakes are high for this game (who will get to be trampled by the Indianapolis Colts in the first round?), don't think that this will be a well played game by any means. This is a Broncos team that only the New York Mets can relate to. They had a three game lead with three games left in the season and have still screwed it up. The Broncos have been at the top of the division all year long, yet could fail to make the playoffs if they can't win in San Diego.Speaking of San Diego ... what can you say? This team was dead in the water three weeks ago and needed a miracle to get back in this thing. It has happened, so let's see what Norv Turner can do in another big game. Oh, sorry Norval fans. I didn't mean to kill your high.

How badly would Charger fans hate Norv Turner if he couldn't deliver next week? I mean, that game will be played in their house ... which also seems to be where Big Mo' is living right now. The Chargers have the more talented team so they should be favored to win, eh? Good luck.

I only have one more wish: Ed Hochuli has to referee this game. He has to. It was his screw up that made this game as big as it is. If Hochuli made the proper call in the Broncos-Chargers Week 2 meeting, then San Diego would have won this division today. Because of his missed call, Denver is still alive.

By the way, what is the over/under on how many times ESPN will show that Jay Cutler


incomplete pass this coming week?

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