Raising the Soda Bar

Dreams Made Flesh, Le Chateau and Pall Jenkins featured at benefit concert

In an effort to promote respect for all (regardless of political or philosophical views) and to support music education programs for youth, San Diego band Dreams Made Flesh will host the benefit show, Art Unites, on Sunday, Jan. 29, at Soda Bar.

Along with the somber, ethereal pop of Dreams Made Flesh, the event will feature the accessible electro-pop of Le Chateau, Pall Jenkins' indie rock and DJ Jason Splat. But the night is not just for the aurally inclined -- a wide array of visual arts and crafts from Work in Progress Creative, Foxine Jay, Decky Hunter, Nicola Wilson, Lourdes Araiza Beltran and Alyssa Ihle will be on display and up for sale as well.

Heck, there will even be a raffle, swag bags (I guess that's what millenials call gift bags?), artist interviews and guest speakers. This is starting to sound like a hip carnival. I'm into it -- especially since it's for a good cause. 

Plus, it's only $6. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Join the Facebook event here

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