Drab Wall Comes to Life

A two-week long community art project is getting the attention of residents in Mission Hills.  The west wall of Grant School, at the corner of Washington and Randolph Streets, has a whole new look.

Jesse Bowers, a third grade student at Grant School helped paint the landscape-mural that stretches across the concrete wall. 

“It looks better much, much better than a blank gray white wall," Bowers said.

Jesse’s father said he came up with the idea of turning the wall into a work of art while the family was spending the day at neighboring Pioneer Park. 

"I was sitting at the park one day and I thought look at this giant wall we have here.  Why not use it as a canvas," said Paul M. Bowers.

With the help of the school, donations, the City of San Diego and the Mission Hills Town Council the money was raised. Artist Elizabeth Washburn with Red Door Studios helped the idea come to life.

"It's perfectly like I like it -- graphics simple, colorful.  I think its most effective when you have these big huge walls," Washburn said.

Kids and parents in the community picked up paint brushes and donated their time.  It was a lesson in color and perspective.  Jesse Bowers say with kids playing nearby, it was also an exercise in concentration.

But after two weeks of painting, the hard work and focus paid off.  The brightly colored mural is finally complete.

"It's a visual, permanent example of parent and community involvement and that's what schools are so desperately in need of," principal Bruce McGirr said.

Art that will leave a lasting impression and Jesse Bowers said it’s sure to get people talking.

"I think they're going to say ‘wow, that's a really good mural and how quickly that was done’," Bowers said.

The entire project cost around $5,000.


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