Corn Maze Time: Big Horse on the Horizon

Ready to face the corn box, autumn revelers?

EVERY SEASON... has its wonderful and offbeat traditions, from lovey notes from secret admirers (that would be winter, and Valentine's Day) to the intrepid backyard search for hidden eggs (hello, sweet Easter) and the staring upwards in order to admire lights in the sky that aren't the sun, the stars, nor the moon (we speak of July and Independence Day, of course). But fall boasts some of the funniest, most endearing must-dos, from the asking neighbors for candy to the adding tiny marshmallows to the top of sweet potatoes to purposefully getting a little bit lost inside a few acres of corn. Ooookay; no one enters a corn maze intending to stay permanently unfound, but do some people, those who seem to be giggling more than others, take their time wending around corners and sorting out sudden dead ends? Yes, they do, and that's part of the lively fun of the maze: Knowing you'll reach the sign that says "EXIT" eventually (and preferably before sundown). One of the biggest corn mazes in all the land is busy a-growin' those ears, with an opening date of Saturday, Oct. 4 on the horizon. It's the Big Horn Corn Maze of Temecula, and if your first question is "is the corn box going to be back?" you'll be delighted by the answer: yes!

THE CORN BOX: It's a box of corn kids can play in, which is as homespun as all get-out, but there are other diversions beyond the impressive, takes-time-to-solve corn maze. Like? Oh, ducky races, corn cannons, pumpkin bowling, riding in hay wagons, the cheering on of piglet races. It's full-on fall, as potent a day as any pumpkin-flavored hot drink. And, for sure, there shall be pumpkins for purchase, if you want to take a touch of autumn home with you. Isn't that another quirky fall tradition, in addition to getting lost in corn? The carving of scary faces on gourds? We do love the whimsy so, and that places like Big Horse step in each October to jumpstart that particular seasonal joy.

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