“Big Bang Theory” Cast Names Favorite San Diego Spots

Cast members spoke with NBC 7 San Diego about their favorite spots in the city

The cast of the Big Bang Theory radiates a down to earth quality and a light sense of humor that closely mirrors the witty dialogue of the show.
Likely the most beloved young physicists on television have been busy greeting Comic-Con fans—even sending one lucky contest winner on a trip to space!
What people may not know about this charming bunch is their enthusiasm for San Diego, a city with the perfect “cool, young vibe” for Comic-Con.
Cast members spoke with NBC 7 San Diego about their favorite spots in the city.
Melissa Rauch
“I love San Diego! I’d definitely go to Coronado head to the beach, maybe go to brunch there, I think that would be my go-to!”
Kunal Nayyar
“SAN-DI-EH-GO! GO CHARGERS! I would probably eat dinner at Searsucker, which is this really cool restaurant -- I’ve been there before. And then I’d probably catch a Chargers game.”
Kaley Cuoco
“A couple years ago we took a boat out and it was just gorgeous! There’s amazing restaurants, and the main street is amazing it’s just really kind of a fun young town. It’s fun to go out and have a beer… I like to sit by the pool, that’s more my style, like just a full relaxation. I love that San Diego is so cool it’s got just a cool vibe and a young vibe, I like that.”
Johnny Galecki
“I’ve spent quite a bit of time down here, you know what I love to do I had a friend who was doing a play down here years ago and I’d come and stay with her…There’s that launch out of Torrey Pines, I think it is, where the parasailers go and I’d just sit out there and watch them take off and come in and it’s just gorgeous out there. And there’s some really cool people too to talk to. So that’s what I would do every morning, I loved it.”
Simon Helberg
“The water’s looking pretty awesome now, I could flop around in there, I could see that happening. I’d like to go back to the zoo too it’s like one of the best zoos in the world. I like a good elephant sighting when I can! I haven’t gotten to hang out here too much beyond Comic-Con, so the city is my oyster!”
Mayim Bialik
“I was born in San Diego and I lived down here pretty briefly, my grandparents lived here. But I come down, we’ve been to Legoland with our boys a couple times. We like Legoland just for the age our boys are, but it’s beautiful, I mean people say L.A. weather is great, but I actually think San Diego weather is, if you like this kind of weather this is really the place to be. It’s quite stunning, we’ve had a great day!”

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