Ask the Designer: Water-Smart Garden Ideas

Personal consultations by landscape designers are growing in popularity

      Not many people have a green thumb like Martha Stewart who can turn a garden full of weeds into a backyard paradise. But The Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca is offering up personal consultations by professional landscape designers to help DIY gardeners create their own personal botanical space. It's called Ask the Designer and it takes place Feb. 24 at The Garden.

       The focus is on xeroscape. It started out as short 10 minute consultations at some of the Garden's events and the response was so huge that they started these longer consultations for a fee according to Laurie Furry, program education director. The sessions are now 45 minutes long and are $60 for Garden members and $75 for non-members. "People are feeling at a loss as to how to design landscape and (after the consultation) they leave extremely happy, says Furry. 

        People are asked to bring photos of the area they want to landscape, ideas from magazines, project dimensions, sketches. They sit down with a landscape designer like Jan Tubiolo and leave with a plan that might include lists of plants and how to go about creating the garden of their dreams. 

        The Water Conservation Garden is five acres of landscaping showcasing conservation and is generally open to the public for free. The focus of these consultations is on creating a low water landscape .

         For more information about Ask the Designer click on : The Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca.  

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