A Mural Is Born in Barrio Logan


The next time you're zipping by on Interstate 5 in Barrio Logan, glance to the west.

Two artists commissioned by the Chicano Federation crafted a mural that is visible to commuters from the freeway.

Artists Werc Alvarez and Isaias Crow, who designed and painted the mural on the back wall of the Barrio Logan Child Development Center on Logan Avenue, took their first full look at it on Wednesday.

"It's so calming, huh?" Crow said. "Yet it's so powerful. It's this message of like, 'Let's relax. Let's calm down a little bit."

A lot of sanding, scraping, cutting and clearing had to happen before they could transform the space into the work of art.

"When we came in, there were people living back here," Crow said. "There were a lot of bushes that we had to clean up. If you notice, we gave it a good cleaning -- even the wall got a lot of nurturing and a good cleaning itself."

The artists spent 12 days working along a cramped pathway just a few feet above the busy freeway.

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