A “Dinner Party” Like No Other

"An Evening with Judy Chicago" at Balboa Park

If you've seen or read about Judy Chicago's iconic "The Dinner Party" installation then you know about the commotion -- even shock -- that it's created. Especially when it's described as a "vulva-motif plate" exhibit in the Washington Post.

Feminist artist Judy Chicago is in San Diego to give a lecture May 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the San Diego Museum of Art. Chicago invites her audience to discuss her long , sometimes controversial career and her different projects, series and most recent work in glass according to her website.

"The Dinner Party" has been seen by more than a million viewers and is Chicago's best known work of art. It's been  the subject of countless articles and art history texts. It's described as a monumental tribute to women's achievements in Western Civilization now permanently housed at the Brooklyn Museum.  For over five decades , Chicago says she has remained true to her commitment to the power of art as way to encourage intellectual transformation and social change.

For more information on " An Evening with Judy Chicago" click on San Diego Museum of Art.

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