9 Beers Inspired By San Diego's Music Scene

While SD has become synonymous with craft beer -- the brewing industry also eyes its music scene

While craft beer is now ubiquitous in San Diego, the brewing industry has also turned its sudsy gaze toward the city's music community for inspiration. We've highlighted nine beers with ties to the San Diego music scene, and while we know there are plenty of others out there, we tried to keep this list limited to beers currently available for purchase. Got another favorite not mentioned? Let us know! (Listed in alphabetical order.)

AleSmith Brewing Co. Sublime Mexican Lager: OK, we know Sublime ain't a San Diego band, but check it out -- the group's bassist, Eric Wilson, currently has a house in Fallbrook and as such, meets our "local musician" criteria. In any case, this lager is perfect for hot days, and it's refreshing no matter where you call home.

Amplified Ale Works Bombpops Lager: Celebrating the release of the Bombpops' new, appropriately titled "Dear Beer" EP, this crisp, citrus-y India pale lager couldn't pair better with the local pop-punk band's guitar riffs even if it tried.

Amplified Ale Works Electric Chair IPA: Brewed in collaboration with swamp-blues one-man-band Low Volts (who coincidentally also designs bottle artwork for the brewery), this "porch pluckin'" pale ale serves up hops with gusto. Smokin'!

Dogfish Head Faithfull Ale: Delaware's Dogfish Head originally dreamt up this Belgian-style golden ale in 2011 to commemorate Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary as a band and their debut album, "Ten." For those who may be scratching their heads, Eddie Vedder spent years living in San Diego -- and even mailed his Pearl Jam audition tape to the band while residing in La Mesa.

Fall Brewing Speedo’s Tiki Love God: Local rock legend John "Swami" Reis (aka Speedo) told us in an interview recently that Fall Brewing is one of his favorite places to grab a beer in town, and, hey, when they've got an English brown ale (its current incarnation is called Speedo's Tiki Love Nuts, brewed with real shredded coconut) with your name on the menu and plenty of your band's old posters donning the walls, we can see why. 

Pizza Port Eukaryst Sinister Stout: The heaviest of the bunch, this barrel-aged, 12 percent ABV juggernaut goes perfectly with a dose of Eukaryst's brutal death metal. Drink at your own risk (but seriously, go for it, 'cause it's simply incredible).

Thorn Brewing Rock the Pale Ale: Featuring cans adorned with the Casbah's skull-and-guitars logo -- along with the venue's trademark chrome flames -- this 5.5 percent ABV hoppy pale ale is super crushable -- and says you know what's up when it comes to the San Diego music scene. Rock 'em proudly.

Thunderhawk Alements and Amplified Ale Works Hop Puddin': Brewed as a collaboration between breweries for local blues/funk/rock band the Routine to coincide with the release of their latest album of the same name, this IPA with toasted coconut and a touch of vanilla clocks in at a more-than-respectable 8 percent ABV. Tasty!

Unibroue A Tout Le Monde: Based in Chambly, Quebec, this Canadian brewery originally brewed this saison at the request of Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine (who famously listed his Fallbrook estate for sale at $5.375 million in 2015). Ringing in at a particularly non-metal 4.5 percent ABV, it's the Canadian brewery's lowest alcohol content beer that they offer. Go figure.

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