$20 under 30, Go For It!

The Old Globe opens its doors to a younger generation

Even if it weren't a tough economy, an afternoon or an evening at The Old Globe might be out of the question for a kid in high school  or a college student on a tight budget. But the world-renowned group of theaters famous for it's knack for launching  award-winning Broadway plays, gets that.

It's $20 under 30 program is aimed specifically at just that group of  younger, interested ,and potential -for -loyalty -kind -of -audience. "It's allowed us to cultivate this group, to try and engage them, " says Mia Fiorella who's The Globe's audience development manager.

Florella is the one who runs the portion of  The Globe's website that caters to the younger crowd by inviting them to sign up for the $20 under 30 program. She's the one who writes to them in a more casual kind of way to give them a heads up to what's happening at the theaters, whether it be the newest play, performance or guest appearance by a noted director or actor.  "20 under 30" offers everything everyone else gets but at a more affordable price to the younger crowd, says Fiorella.

Most performances are available for $20 for those under 30 which include mostly high schools on up. So far there about 1000 under 30 members signed up for the program. And Fiorella says she's gotten loads of  positive feedback like: "It was so nice to be able to go to something like this. It's not a luxury I'm able to indulge in so I was thrilled to be able to get  $20 tickets", writes Ana G.  And , "I found out about this program from one of my teacher. I'd never been to The Globe before, it was great! Can't wait till the next show," says Marla H.

Right now OPUS is playing at The Old Globe, about a world-renowned string quartet where rivalries and ambitions clash and harmony is easier offstage than on. If you're under 30, it'll cost you $20. Over 30? On a Saturday night, it will cost you $59.

For more information about 20 under 30 click on :The Old Globe.

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