Insect Fair: Encinitas Abuzz

Bug buffs will fly for the San Diego Botanic Garden for one critter-tastic weekend.

(MORE THAN) ONE COOL THING: If we have one cool thing happen in a day, well, that's a very good day, indeed. We might find that a kind co-worker left us a hefty slice of cake in the work fridge or that our neighbor signed for a package for us, the one we've been waiting on. But, if you're at the San Diego Botanic Garden on Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23, and you are all about multi-legged, multi-eyed, wing-rocking critters of the buggy sort, you're pretty much assured of two cool things — at least — occurring. For the annual Insect Fair isn't just about trucking out a couple of skittering beetles or bugs for fans to admire, no siree; it is about putting those fans in contact with the wee creatures, and even giving them a chance to try their hand at insect-based arts, critter-cool crafts, and, if they're up for it, a taste of mealworm larva (cooked, of course, if you're curious). The nifty to-knows aren't over, yet, about the weekend-long insectiana affair, for...

SAM, THE GIANT GALAPAGOS TORTOISE... will also make a cameo at the festival, which is presented by K&M Pest Solutions. True, a Galapagos tortoise is rather larger than a ladybug, but we'll state, with some confidence, that fans of one will be fans of the other. In fact, other reptiles will make a showing at the Encinitas spread, including lizards and snakes, so if insects and lizards are two of your faves, you are absolutely going to score a "More Than One Cool Thing" kind of day. How to get in and get to all of this lavish lizardness and lively ladybug-a-tude? Just pay admission to the 37-acre garden, or be a member. Now, time to decide if you want to taste cooked mealworm larva. Or, if you're so curious about it, the cooking station'll be your very first stop.

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