Beards and Beer: A Love Story

Who has the best scruff in the craft brewing industry?

Beards and beer seem to go hand-in-hand these days, with many a brewer donning excess facial scruff. So it makes sense that Brewer’s Association decided to launch a contest of who’s got the best beard in the industry.

Brewers from across the country were asked to submit pictures to of their “righteous ‘stache, goatee, dali, old dutch, soul patch or just a simple beard,” to compete for the Best Beard of Craft Beer.

With San Diego reigning in the craft beer business, more than a dozen local brewers decided to throw their beard in the ring -- including beer maven Greg Koch of Stone Brewing Co.

The following burly dudes of San Diego decided to forgo the shaving cream and show off some scruff for the contest: 

  • Cecil Menasco, Stone Brewing Co.
  • Chili, Stone Brewing Co.
  • Greg Koch, Stone Brewing Co.
  • Hollie Stephenson, Stone Brewing Co.
  • John Hunter, Karl Strauss Brewing Company
  • Lyndon Walker, Karl Strauss Brewing Company
  • Mark Purciel, Oceanside Ale Works
  • Michael Church, Stone Brewing Co.
  • Mike Hess, Hess Brewing Company
  • Nelson Clara, Stone Brewing Co.
  • Rick Blankemeier, Stone Brewing Co.
  • Robbie Chandler, Stone Brewing Co.
  • Sean Albrecht, Karl Strauss Brewing Company
  • Travis Smith, Societe Brewing Company

If you want to make sure someone from San Diego wins, vote on the Facebook page. The 20 brewers with the most “likes” by Monday, Feb. 25 will move on to the Best Beards of Craft Beer finals.

Which San Diego dude do you think has the best beer in craft beer? Tell us in the comments below.

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