Wintertime Package: Escape to Catalina

Book the "Season of Escape" package and enjoy an Avalon overnight.

ADVENTURING IN AVALON: Someone in California, right now, is telling a friend or a co-worker or a neighbor about an upcoming trip. As for the listener? Perhaps it is because of past experiences, or their own see-the-state inclinations, but they're likely half-expecting the vacationer to mention a popular spot, one that sees a lot of travel traffic. But there's a city that, when mentioned as a getaway spot, always feels slightly magical, slightly unexpected, and oh-so-bison-y (or at least bison-adjacent): Avalon. Put it down to the fact that you need to hop a boat or helicopter to get to this particular town (nope, you can't ride a flying fish, no matter how famous they are 'round Catalina Island), and the notion that Avalon still possesses the allure of a location that emerges from the morning fog, day after day. Thank the historic landmarks, like the Casino Building, and thank the buffalo (they're not in Avalon proper, granted, but up in the hills), and thank the easygoing, golf cart-charming lifestyle. It's a lifestyle that's open to visitors all year long, and not just in summer, and there's a package on to emphasize that fact. It's the...

SEASON OF ESCAPE... package, and it involves A) you getting to the Southern California-close island, and back and B) an overnight at Hotel Atwater, Mt. Ada, or Pavilion Hotel and C) twenty five bucks toward a nosh at Avalon Grille. There you have it: Three of the important components covered, and all starting at $106 per getawayer. Where you bed down depends on what your fancy is — chaise lounges at Descanso Beach Club can be booked should you choose Mt. Ada for your stay — so peek at each hotel and see if it floats your boat. And as for boat-floating? Your ride to Avalon, and back, will be on the Catalina Express from one of three mainland cities: Dana Point, San Pedro, or Long Beach. So go on and tell the co-workers you're off to Avalon, a place that instantly summons an air of enchantment.

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