Inspiration Now: Healthy Living Festival

Is this the spring you make changes? Head to Del Mar for a jumpstart.

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APRIL RESOLUTIONS: January 1 pretty much has a lock on all of our "be better in all ways pronto" resolutions, from losing weight to working smarter to driving less to all of the above. Did we say January 1? We meant December 29-31, which is prime resolution-making time (Jan. 1 can sometimes be full of overindulgence regrets). But April gives the end of the year some competition in one resolution area: getting healthier. Yes, many of us make that promise with the dawn of the new year, but the dawn of the new year is typically chilly and full of warming, heavier foodstuffs. It's hard to get to the gym in a bitter rainstorm and we're not watching our waistline if it is under three layers of clothing. But April? We get serious about this stuff. The sundresses and shorts are making their first showings, and we're thinking of doing everything healthier, from exercising more (or just starting) to cooking with more veges and fruit. So the the Healthy Living Festival, which will unfurl at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 13 and Sunday, April 14, could not be timed any better.

HEALTHY LIVING AHOY: What's to be found there among the 150 exhibitors? Well, free samples, hooray! (Fact: Two of the nicest words in any language are "free samples.") And bunches of products designed to make moving more and cooking lighter easier. As always with major shows of this sort, there shall be performances including belly dancing and kickboxing. Workshops and seminars are set to get you over that healthy hump, too.

So, January 1, do you feel the heat? April kind of owns that "healthy living/starting anew" thing, courtesy of warmer, longer days and the concept of spring cleaning in all ways. Healthy Living Festival, get us going on that, stat.

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