Gaultier in San Francisco

The iconoclastic designer gets his museum due.

HIS OWN PATH: Various designers and haute couture visionaries are said to be paving their own paths through a competitive and over-the-top business. But Jean Paul Gaultier can be said to have paved the path in the path-paving department; up-and-comers look to the man who is often called the bad boy of the high-end sartorial spectrum for spirited inspiration in both design and career. And when you take chances, and you push envelopes, and, yep, when you occasionally step on a few toes and ruffle a few feathers, you very often get a major museum exhibit. That is if the world works right, and it very often does. Exhibit A: Monsieur Gaultier's one-of-a-kind fashions are now on display at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

140+ DESIGNS: It's a rare and wonderful day to see a Gaultier in person (you might, if you happen to run into Lady Gaga on the red carpet) so spying dozens upon dozens of them in one place? Rather amazing. Sketches and other Gaultierian artifacts will be included in the show. It's set to strut its stuff right through Sunday, Aug. 19. We'll go with an eye to the things we might dream of wearing to the grocery store or the library. Like maybe these sheer hose with the Eiffel Towers on the back of the calves?

Pictured: Jean Paul Gaultier. Ad campaign for Fin de Siecle collection, 1995. Art direction and photography: Jean Paul Gaultier.

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