These popular names are ‘old fashioned,' according to kids. Did yours make the list?

Your time will come too, Olivia!

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Laura Jarrett can’t resist a good viral video. 

On March 20, Hoda and Laura weighed in on mom Amber Cimiotti’s Instagram clip about “old person names.”

According to Cimiotti’s school-age daughter Scarlett, the names Ashley, Amanda and Amber are dated, as are Erica and Samantha. 

Cimiotti went on to explain that “young people” names include, Charlotte, Scarlett, Isabella, Olivia, and Penelope. 

“For me, Ashley is always going to be like my friend from elementary, so it just seems like a kid name to me,” Cimiotti said. “Ashley, Amanda, Amber — all of these names are basically like the new Margaret or Barbara.” 

“I’m so shocked right now,” Hoda announced after watching the video. “It’s true though — all those Amber girls are now moms.” 

Laura, who was filling in for Jenna Bush Hager, described her own moniker as “sort of an in between name.” Laura was ranked No. 363 on the 2022 popular baby names list from the Social Security Administration. In 2000, Laura held the 85th spot.

Hoda, who is mom of daughters Hope and Haley said she thinks their names will "stand the test of time."

Laura Wattenberg, creator of Namerology, was happy to offer her take on Cimiotti’s Instagram reel.

“That mom seemed astonished to learn that her name and her friends names sound old — but she already knew it,” Wattenberg tells “We know she already knew it, because she didn’t name her daughter Amanda or Amber, she named her Scarlett.”

Wattenberg notes that classics, such as Catherine or Thomas, will never become “old people names.” 

“It’s the names that feel freshest when you’re choosing them, that will come into and out of fashion and get a date stamp on them,” she says. “So Scarlett will be the mom name of the next generation.” 

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