Saturday Night Live

Brad Pitt Plays Fauci as SNL ‘From Home' Ramps Up Celebrity Cameos

The second remote 'SNL' featured a wide range of appearances including a performance from Miley Cyrus

Brad Pitt plays Dr. Anthony Fauci on "Saturday Night Live."

Picking up from where it left off two weeks ago, 'Saturday Night Live' returned for it's second 'From Home' special, introducing an exciting, new array of stars and sketches.

The show was hosted by another Hollywood favorite in Brad Pitt, who kicked off the show in a cold open playing Dr. Anthony Fauci. Earlier this month, Fauci jokingly admitted to CNN that he'd like to see Pitt play himself.

Pitt responds as Fauci to recent quotes from President Donald Trump, including Trump's claim that anyone who needs a test will be able to get one. "When he says everyone can get a test, what he really means is, almost no one."

Pitt also doesn't miss his chance to give a thank you to Dr. Fauci for his work, along with healthcare workers.

'SNL' took advantage of its list of celebrity contacts this week, calling up various names for cameos and roles. Keenan Thompson appeared from home for an episode of "What's Up With That: At Home," reprising his role as presenter Diondre Cole. Thompson was joined by NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley and DJ Khaled.

Pete Davidson returned with another song, adding another hit to his library after last week's "Drake." This time, Davidson teams up with Adam Sandler to bring the audience a tune about being stuck at home.

In a week filled with controversial comments from President Trump, Colin Jost and Michael Che had plenty to talk about on another "Weekend Update Home Edition." The pair teamed up to dissect the President's comments and also offer up some suggestions.

"Do you think it's possible for another country to come take custody of us, maybe? Just until our government gets back on its feet" asked Che.

Jost welcomed Pete Davidson back to the sketch. Davidson broke down his experience in dating during the time of coronavirus.

Miley Cyrus returned to the show as the musical guest, performing a cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here."

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