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"Star Trek's" Chris Pine Calls Fame "Invasive," Says He's Fine "Blending In"



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    Chris Pine seems to think he's in the middle of the totem pole when it comes to people "giving a s--t" about him.

    We know of thousands of fans who would probably disagree, but...OK.

    "I'm just Waspy enough. A six-foot-tall white man, you kind of blend in, and that's fine with me," the 32-year-old "Star Trek Into Darkness" hunk says in the Spring 2013 issue of C for Men magazine, discussing his aversion to too much attention.

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    "It helps I don't really seek anything out," he adds. "Hopefully, I put the vibe out of 'not looking for it.'

    "I'm very clear about my relationship to 'it' and I don't like 'it,'" Pine's anti-fame speech continues. "I find 'it' very invasive, though I'm trying to welcome 'it' more in an effort to be more zen and not-angsty. But on the totem pole of people giving a s--t about me, I'm pretty much in the middle, which is great."

    Of course, playing Capt. James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" reboot, a historically sexy role he's reprising in the upcoming "Star Trek Into Darkness," hasn't really helped with the whole less-attention-the-better thing.

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    And surely he'll be inching up the totem pole in the weeks to come before the film's May 17 release date.

    "The responsibility you have is to the genre, but that's a whole different challenge," Pine says of playing such an iconic role--and keeping quiet about it for the spoiler-loathing Abrams.

    He says that if he ever spilled any secrets, "I have such Christian guilt syndrome that I'd have to email J.J. right away and confess."

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