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Seinfeld, Regis & SJP Give Central Park Tours



    Seinfeld, Regis & SJP Give Central Park Tours
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    A quick call to Jerry Seinfeld, Regis Philbin or Sarah Jessica Parker can help guide you through Central Park.

    Curious about the Kennedy-Onassis Reservoir, Poet's Walk or the Grand Army Plaza? Why not call up Jerry Seinfeld, Alec Baldwin or Meredith Vieira?

    The New York-based stars are among 30 celebrities now giving audio tours of Central Park that you can access with a simple call from your cell phone.

    So put away that visitors guide as you stroll across the Bow Bridge, because when you're a tourist, you certainly don't want to look like one. And if you're a New Yorker, fuhgettaboutit. You can just call the number posted near each of the park's numerous landmarks and pretend like you're talking on your cell phone when you're actually listening to Jimmy Fallon describe the history of the North Meadow.

    Other celebrities giving audio tours include Sarah Jessica Parker (The Pond), Isabella Rossellini (The Ramble), Neil Patrick Harris (Rumsey Playfield) and John McEnroe (the tennis courts, of course!).

    Regis Philbin said recording the Grand Army Plaza call was educational for himself, even though he's a native New Yorker.

    "Most New Yorkers don't know much about it," he told the New York Post. "I didn't know much about it, either."

    Kevin Bacon says of the Reservoir that "there's a sense of space and solitude here unlike any other part of the park."

    And Jason Alexander says Turtle Pond got its name after many New Yorkers dropped off their pets there after the turtles outgrew their smaller homes. Now, slider turtles can be spotted "basking in the sun on flat rocks. But when the sliders are provoked, they slide back into the cooler water."