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Jeremy Piven: "Everyone Loves A Good Fish Story"



    Jeremy Piven: "Everyone Loves A Good Fish Story"
    Piven was sidelined from "Speed the Plow" last December after suffering mercury poisoning from bad sushi.

    Actor Jeremy Piven is known for his award-winning role as "Entourage's" uber-agent, Ari Gold, yet his success has been overshadowed this past year by the infamous sushi saga that forced him out of his Broadway role in David Mamet's "Speed-the-Plow."

    "I think everyone loves a good fish story, which is why it still hasn't gone away," the actor told Parade Magazine. "All I know is that I was incredibly sick and I had three doctors that said, 'You have to get out of this show because you're in serious trouble from too high a level of mercury in your blood.' I was eating fish twice a day and I haven't touched any since."

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    Jeremy insisted, however, that he had no control of the outcome.

    "I took the advice of the doctors and what came afterwards – all the repercussions – I couldn't control," he said. "You just have to make a decision. You can be really angry at me for having to leave a Broadway show early, or you can go to the movies and laugh at me in 'Goods.'"

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    Meanwhile, his reign as Ari Gold continues on "Entourage" and the actor is loving playing this eccentric Hollywood agent.

    "I have to kind of whip myself up into a frenzy to get to his level. He's always in a state of movement and high energy," he told the mag. "But it's a gift to be able to play that guy. I just am incredibly blessed that I have this role that allows me to keep exploring the dualities of a tragically flawed, type-A wrecking ball."

    With all the ups and downs, Jeremy is focusing on the positive side of success.

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    "My father always said being a star means that you have a choice. And I've never had artistic choices until now. So, if that's what being a star is, then I welcome that," Jeremy said. "People wonder if success has made me complacent. And I can't imagine that happening. Success only fuels me because I just want to figure out a way to get better. That's the whole thing. I can't imagine thinking, 'OK, I think I got it now, so maybe I should just relax.'"

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