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Arnold Pokes Fun at Mad Mel, Limbaugh

Says oil spill contained, but no luck with "Braveheart"



    Arnold Pokes Fun at Mad Mel, Limbaugh

    Mel Gibson should not look to fellow action star Arnold Schwarzenegger to break his stunning fall from the Hollywood mountaintop.

    Schwarzenegger made the "Mad Max" star, who is embroiled in the ugliest custody battle in recent memory, the butt of a joke to a group of utility commissioners in Sacramento, comparing him to a national disaster.

    "The good news is that BP has contained the oil leak," Schwarzenegger said in a video posted by "That is good news. Finally. Finally. The bad news is that no one has figured out how to contain Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson no one knows how to contain. So, this is why I want to ask all of you to just please turn off your cell phones because we are expecting a call from him."

    Angry tirades from a voice purported to be Gibson's have been released via radaronline as the actor fights with former flame Oksana Grigorieva over custody of their seven-month-old daughter. The LA Sheriff's Department is investigating her claims of abuse against Gibson, as well as his accusation she was extorting money from him after their breakup.

    Gibson spokesman Alan Nierob says he is happy to hear that Schwarzenegger is maintaining a sense of humor, adding, "He's obviously paving the way for a return to showbiz."

    And not only did Schwarzenegger take on one of his Hollywood brethren, he also leveled a joke at fellow Republican Rush Limbaugh.

    Saying he still works out for an hour a day, the 62-year-old former bodybuilding champ boasted that, "Just last week, I lifted 375 pounds," he said. "Yup, 375 pounds. I lifted Rush Limbaugh out of the chair."