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Sweethearts of the Strip



    DREAMS: Let's be honest. In a perfect world, we'd all get married by Elvis, or at least have our vows renewed by a man in a gem-laden jumpsuit. Or at the very least, meet him for coffee and a waffle at a diner behind the chapel, after he's off work. But even if a Vegas chapel isn't in any of our immediate plans, marking Valentine's in one of the holiday's main metropolises is still a possibility, given the packages at several Sin City hotels.

    THREE PICKS: They're all Strip-y, yes, but we're going with location to keep you nearby those famous chapels, *in case* questions get popped while you're there. Your favorite Vegas stay may have a romance package on for Valentine's 2011. Maybe your favorite stay is Luxor, or the Bellagio, or Wynn and Encore. The trio of properties all have chocolate-y, strawberry-ish packages on, at various price points, with various fine-print-to-knows, of course.