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Snap a Pic for Kimpton's Selfie Day Deal

Proceed to one of four spots, take a selfie, tag it, then get a grown-up drink.



    Snap a Pic for Kimpton's Selfie Day Deal
    Kimpton Hotels
    If you happen to be at one of four designated Kimpton Hotels on Thursday, June 21 — that's National Selfie Day — snap a pic, tag it, post it, sip a grown-up beverage on the house.

    NO NEED TO QUIBBLE, or doubt, or cock an eyebrow, or counter what we're about to say: A lot of selfies will be snapped on National Selfie Day, which is Thursday, June 21. For the reality is a lot of selfies are snapped each and every day, in all sorts of places, before heading to a social media feed with all of the attending tags. If you're planning on holding your phone out at arm's length, tilting your head, winking, pouting, or simply smiling, then capturing the whole pose, and you happen to be at one of four Kimpton Hotels, and you happen to be over 21, check it out: There's a complimentary grown-up beverage in it for you. But how to score such a beverage? 

    YOU'LL NEED TO FIND... an "Insta-worthy" location, a location that has been chosen beforehand, at Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel (and Pacific Hideaway, the Shorebreak's restaurant), the Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego, the Kimpton Hotel Solamar (and JSix restaurant), and the Kimpton Canary in Santa Barbara. Where to find out what the locations are? The hotels will post, trust. Once you know, head to the location, take your picture, post it in the usual 'gram-y, Face-ian, SnapChat-esque spots, tag it with #SoCalKimptonSelfie, and be treated to a special adult beverage. Yep, you'll need to be over 21. Yep, for sure, you'll want to be at one of those four hotels to take your photo.

    FEELING MORE RETRO? Each front desk will have a Polaroid on hand, should you want to go that vintage route at check-in. Details? Make your way to the social pages of the Shorebreak, Palomar, Solamar, and Canary.