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Battle Sail in Humboldt Bay



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    18TH C. SAILING: It's unlikely that any of us have any extra pairs of knee breeches or a satin waistcoat stashed in the closet. And we probably haven't circumnavigated the world on a ship with a name (maybe we've globe-circled on planes, but those rarely have names nowadays). But we can visit that world for a day when the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain pull into Eureka. The two ships are impressive replicas, hearkening back to a day when ships were fast and fabled and the way to zip from home to faraway lands ("zip" here is relative, of course).

    BATTLE SAIL: The two Washington-based ships will be in the Eureka area for a week starting on Wednesday, March 16. The centerpiece of their visit will be the Saturday and Sunday Battle Sails, where the cannons come out. But all the drama and boom-booming won't prevent sailing and history enthusiasts from purchasing a ticket and boarding the vessels for a old-time toodle around Humboldt Bay. Battle Sail tickets run from $40-$60.