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Clicks Are For Kids

Pictures, videos and photo-editing, all in the palms of their little hands.



    Clicks Are For Kids
    KidiZoom Plus

    PHOTO FUN: If you shudder at the thought of your kids handling your camera, or you're just tired of buying them expensive disposable ones, consider investing in a digital camera that was made to withstand the test of children.

    Such is the case with the VTech Kidizoom Plus. Made with shock-absorbing rubber grips and easy-to-use controls, this 2.0 mega pixel digital camera takes pictures and video, comes with its own photo-editing software, 256 MB of memory and is also pre-loaded with 5 hand-held video games.

    Kids can take pictures or videos and then view them directly on the camera or share them on their computer or television screen. Plus, the photo-editing software allows them to add mustaches, fun frames, hats, and more to their unwitting subjects.

    GET IT: For $59.99. Toys R Us, 1240 West Morena Boulevard, Mission Valley, (619) 276-9624.